Life coaching

Life coaching

If you have the impression that you are looking at your life second hand, you are just a horrified spectator or feel that you just don’t know what a smile on your face feels like anymore – let alone a laughing fit! –

Then I offer you here a Zoommeeting.

90 minutes cost 120.- CHF/Euro

How it works:

1. you write a mail to

Here you formulate your name, your age and three dates (date and time) which make it possible for you to sit undisturbed at a computer. You leave your mail address where you want to receive the invitation. Then you tell me how quickly you need an appointment with: “acute”, “going so”, “chronic”.

2. You wait for the appointment confirmation, transfer 120,-CHF/Euro

– and we can start!

“Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by the way it climbs a tree, it will spend its life thinking it is stupid.”

 Albert Einstein

My competence

I have a degree in traditional Chinese medicine, a major in alternative medicine and worked for over 10 years in a practice for psychosomatic and chronic illnesses. With preference, I specialized in anxiety disorders, depression, burnout, eating disorders, relationship conflicts, marital problems, loss of self-esteem and identity crises.