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Find out what makes you happy. What makes your heart soar?  Remind yourself of your pure being like this. Connect with yourself. Recognize yourself.

In summary, it’s all about the one, the only thing: love.

No one can command you to love. No one can love for you. No one can tell you how to love.
Love in order to live.
Live in order to love.


You want to pray, but you don’t know what? And how?

You can write your own prayer and read it every night before you go to sleep and after you wake up. Or you can learn it by heart and say it freely – softly or loudly, sung, recited or whispered – as it feels best for you.
From my experience, it’s important to phrase positively and not create negations.
Focus on what you want and don’t describe what you don’t want (anymore) in your life.
It seems to me that it does well if the prayers rhyme. However, they don’t have to be.

You like an existing prayer very much, but have an aversion to some verses, the address, or something else in it:

Then rewrite it!

For example, the FATHER OUR:
(you are welcome to use it as it is or rewrite it even further).

Mother us warriors of light,
Hallowed be your being
Your kingdom come, 
thy will be done,
as in the universe, 
so also on earth.
My daily tasks and rewards give me today,
and forgive my impatience, my mistrust and my giving up.
As I also forgive my guilty ones.
Guide me in the struggle against the evil in me and in my surroundings.
Give me strength to love, myself and others.
For Thine is the kingdom of love, of dreams, of the good fight
and the glory forever and ever Amen
So be it – without harming anyone in the process 

with love

Carlotta Veronica 


Rituals are practiced predominantly for two reasons: 

To regularly repeat what works for you. To provide a sense of security through a recurring structure in life – even if it is sometimes an addiction. 
To create a personalized, consciously performed ceremony that is accompanied by sensory experience. It can formally represent a transition, initiate an initiation, or make desires and feelings visible in a symbolized way. Also, in this form of rituals connections are created and affiliation is conveyed (to spirits, gods, forest spirits, angels, friends…).

This is not about the sacred ritual of drinking tea or coffee in the morning – unless you want to make a ceremony out of it – which is really recommendable!

It is like the described prayer: if you have an example, you can follow it, use it like this, or completely discard it and rewrite it – or just change it, until the ritual resonates with you in such a way that you notice how your heart rises when you just think about it.

Example ritual:

Write down your wishes one below the other on a piece of paper. As a heading comes “Goals, magic, future”. Please make sure that you only write down what you wish for and not what you do not wish for. No negation! Formulate positively and in the present tense, as if the desired end state has already occurred. (For example, “I feel free in my well-proportioned body, bursting with health.” “I am healthy, graceful, upright and sincere, celebrating my health with devoted love toward myself.”)
Intuitively decorate the note creatively with love and devotion.
Go to an undisturbed place where you feel safe.
You can now light a candle, incense, build crystals around you, create an altar to decorate your environment and show your respect and honor. 
Draw a pentagram (which is a five-pointed star) around you in the air. Finally, draw an imaginary circle around it. This is your protective circle so that you can fully open up and let yourself in and no uninvited guests or energies will disturb your ceremony. Be aware of this intention. 
Say quietly or out loud, “all my practices I dedicate to the salvation of all soul beings.” By doing this, you are stating your positive and peaceful intention for using your power with the help of other forces. 
Invoke the elements and their associated cardinal directions as you align yourself in their respective directions. 

(I wrote these spells myself and have been using them for years. They work and are very powerful. You have my blessing to use them. You can of course rewrite or completely reinvent them for yourself). 

Air / East

– align yourself to the east –

Carry away every fragrance
Carrying away every reverberation
Hissing storms
Roaring, whistling, thunder crashing.
Destroying tornado,
You heavenly child,
Lovingly caressing, gentle wind.
Bending trees, breaking trunks
Driving water over the dams.
Now I call upon you, you power of the air
Stand by me, so that I may not be alone

Fire / South

– align yourself to the south –

Fire, heat, stove embers
bonfire, flying sparks
Destructive, burning, 

Enlightened swaying
Ecstatic victory 
Lovingly singing
Swinging into life
Now I call upon you you power of fire, stand by me so that I am not alone!

Water/ West

– align yourself to the west –

Goddess of water- primordial trust
Rain flood and waterfall,
Clot, tsunami, ice crystal,
In the depths you swallow fragrance and reverberation, 
Offering weightless floatation
Avalanches of snow, 
Ponds, puddles, deep sea
Now I call upon the power of the water
Help me so that I am not alone. 

Earth / North

– align yourself to the north –

Earth, mother of life!
Deep cave, earthy field rock,
Mother Earth invites me, 
nurture me, nourish me, 
fortify all my being.
Now I call upon you, the earth’s strength,
Mother Earth help me, so that I am not alone!

  • You can now invite ancestors or deceased pets or power animals to accompany you for protection. 
    Take your note solemnly in hand and read it aloud. The feeling of gratitude and joy about the fact that your visualized final state has already occurred, you strengthen as much as possible. 
    When you hear a censor in your mind (e.g., “that’s so ridiculous what you’re doing” “you’re too fat.”  “You’re sick.”  “It’s not your place….”  “Why should foreign powers help you….”) then ask all the forces and spirits around you for support to instantly free you from these negative beliefs and mental destructions. And also ask the electromagnetic field around you to cleanse them for you.
    Thank yourself for doing the honors. 
    You close by saying, “So be it – Without harming anyone. With love” – and then you say your name.
    Thank all those you have called and, if necessary, arrange to meet with them again.
     Dissolve the circle and step out of it. 
    You can burn the leaf or keep it for further rituals where no one but you will see it. 

SOS Emergency Aid

When we change position, we have a completely different view of the things around us. Thus, our assessment turns out to be completely different. This is not insignificant when we realize that our assessment of a situation produces our emotions. Our emotions affect our body and thus determine our well-being – or discomfort.

If you feel like a victim of fate right now, take three deep breaths and a long exhale of all that hurts you – then ask yourself:

How many creatures in the world do you think would like to trade places with you right now?
Put yourself in their shoes for a moment.
If you keep getting into emotional turmoil, realize that the future is a consequence of the present. The present is the consequence of your past.

If you want to be happy in the future, it makes sense to put yourself in joyful bliss as much as possible.

If you desire fulfillment and reject it as soon as it is in front of you because you now prefer to focus your concentrated attention on the suffering next to you, then you are consistently producing suffering for your future.

If it frustrates you that all you do is give and get nothing in return, then honestly ask yourself lovingly when was the last time you were completely lost in gratitude. How does it feel inside of you when you are bathing in pleasure? And how long do you manage to maintain this state?

If you are brave, you realize that you still have a lot to learn about experiencing gratitude physically, so that you can finally open your doors to joyful bliss.

For every negative feeling state, ask yourself if it is worth messing up your future.

Take three deep breaths and exhale completely, throwing your hands and arms up to the sky as if you are celebrating yourself. Thank the universe that you belong.

Then ask yourself the question:

What would your life actually have to be like for you to be permanently blissful?

Avoid at all costs how it should not be, what should not be, what would be good if it were gone. Only thoughts that actually make you happy are allowed.

Take the leadership of your life away from your mind. Don’t listen to its conditioned evaluations.

Create joy and gratitude within yourself to finally feel happiness with all your senses.

I try to guide you into these feelings in my meditations for beginners. Come along!


Every physical property of water is an anomaly. The boiling point, the freezing point, the conductivity, the surface tension… There is no other matter that behaves nearly like water.

All religious writings about the origin of life have in common that water was not created.  Even the Bible as well as the Rigveda do not lose a single word about the creation of water. Isn’t that phenomenal? This is the greatest mystery to which science cannot find an answer.

Water is a mediator that connects people with their source. It is the divine primordial element from which life arises and which connects us to each other.

75% of the adult human body consists of water. If the body loses 10% of its fluid, we have hallucinations. If we lose 12%, we die.

Masaru Emoto has made water crystals visible and enlightened us that water is a living substance that we can kill or animate. So it is no longer a secret that we are influenced by the water that surrounds us and that we consume, and that we influence it as well.

Water is one of the most sensitive indicators of all the fields that surround us.

Our mind is connected to our central nervous system. Our thoughts and emotions affect not only our nervous system, but our entire body.

Use this divine substance as a healing tool for yourself.

Drink living water whenever you have the opportunity.

Fill your water into a round glass bottle and rotate it again and again from your wrist so that a vortex is created in the vessel. Water loves rotation. Think with devotion that you are giving this water beautiful, healing structure. Write “love and gratitude” on the bottle (this has been proven to be the word combination that produces the most beautiful crystals). Draw spirals, or the symbol whose information you would like to have in your body on it.

Then when you drink it, take it in consciously and in appreciation of what it is. Let the effect overwhelm you.

If you want to protect your base acid ratio a little, add a pinch of baking soda to your drinking water.

Give thanks daily to the water in this world for its ability to connect us and purify itself. Give thanks for this obvious miracle that constantly surrounds us.

In doing so, you are helping yourself and contributing to the positive programming of water.

Letting go of old emotions

5% of our perception is conscious – 95% we experience subconsciously.

The subconscious is the most essential impulse generator for emotions.

We can lock emotions into ourselves through traumatic experiences, which then want to protect us from being hurt again through “protective” mechanisms. In doing so, however, they thwart joyful, unprejudiced openness to (experiencing) life.

We can inherit these conditioned emotions and reflexes. Experiments with mice provided insight. When a group of rodents was presented with cherry blossoms for the first time, they associated this event with an electric shock. The animals were thus conditioned to fear cherry blossoms. After the third generation, it was found that the mice, who had never come into contact with the fragrant blossoms in their lives, were still panic-stricken by them.

If you realize that emotions keep returning, they are practically trapped inside you and reflexively control your mood, you can use different techniques to finally release them.

The simplest and most beautiful one I find is this:

Take a moment for yourself to pay undisturbed attention to yourself. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths through your nose and exhale completely through your mouth. Then go in search of where in your body the feeling is attached to you. Try to hear its calls, to let it navigate you until you locate it. Then sit caringly at its side. Place both hands one on top of the other on this spot. Let light and your love flow through your hands and see how this place is flooded with light. Concentrated and honest, you now say aloud:

“I understand you. I am so sorry. I love you. I thank you.”

If you need to cry, let the tears flow. Let go of what’s coming. Comfort yourself. Repeat the words over and over. Until you feel the trauma release from you and surrender to the light with your blessing.

Thank yourself for taking full responsibility for yourself and your life and allowing yourself to heal.

Save yourself from fear!

Fear cannot prevent death – but it can prevent life!

It brings all energy into the muscles to be able to flee or fight quickly. The capacity for it is deducted from the logical thinking.If the censor screams now in your head: “Fear is good! It protects you from the threatening…”, tell him: If this thesis would be correct, the people could not have exterminated the mammoths.

When you stand at the precipice, concentrate, be alert, listen attentively to all your senses, listen to your intuition, and then interpret your perceptions correctly. Then you will know where to take your next step.

Fear shuts down intuition, fine perception and clear thinking.

In very few fear situations today we have to run or fight. On the contrary, we remain still and don’t know what to do with ourselves. The messenger substances form their own life and change our behavior, our attitude and finally our being.

Fear is in its consequence the opposite of love. It constricts your chest, you protectively pull up your shoulders, your heart beats faster, your blood pressure rises, your muscles cramp up, your stomach acid increases, your digestive organs are poorly supplied with blood and your logical thinking is, as mentioned, very unreliable to useless.

If the arousal level does not drop, even the smallest impulses of fear can cause panic.

Your fear gives others power over you.

Chronic anxiety leaves you closed off in a feeling of dependency, alienation and isolation. This is a vicious circle from which it is urgent to save you!

How do you save yourself from fear?

Since fear is the absence of love, like the darkness of the light, try with all your strength to remember the love.

Since you are overacidified by fear, boil a glass of hot water and add a pinch of baking soda. Drink this mixture like a holy potion in small sips. Fill the rest of the hot water into two hot water bottles. Place one in your kidney area to stimulate a balance of neurotransmitters (warmth in the lower back stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and promotes the production of norepinephrine…) and the other under your cold feet. Take several deep breaths and long exhales into the warmth.

Retreat to a protected place where you can lick your wounds (fend off the attack that has obviously penetrated deep inside you), snuggled up in your favorite blanket. Then lovingly take care of yourself. Let your body show you where exactly the fear is. Feel into it, sense, listen attentively. Keep the part of you that has such desperate fear company. You know this from the description “SOS”. Please be gentle with yourself. Take yourself seriously. Be aware that it is a part of you that is currently shaken by fear and desperately wants to be heard by you. In this moment you release the identification and give yourself love and compassion. Place your hands on this part(s) and say out loud: “I hear you. I understand you. I am sorry. I love you.” Repeat this as often as you like. Listen to music that makes you feel good when you have the chance.

And then: take responsibility and disempower the one who scares you. Turn away from it and focus your attention on something that encourages you, frees you, gives you a perspective that opens you up again to continue participating in your life with all your senses.

In acute cases, Rescue Bons from Original Bach Flower Remedies are indispensable for many.

For chronic anxiety, my grandmother would recommend taking Mimulus, Rock Rose and Gentaine as a Bach flower mixture for weeks.

(For this you buy the Stockbottles ((concentrate vials)) and drip three drops each day into your water bottle, which you drink throughout the day).

You can add a few droppers of it to your hot bath water. Creatively look for anything that will counteract the effect of anxiety on your body, such as laughing without restraint, singing loudly, playing sports, being self-determinedly exuberant and naughty if necessary. Expand your chest, spread out.

Train this feeling of freedom.

Access to your body

“Connect body mind and soul to experience harmony.”
“The body is your temple…. the home of your soul…”
As long as you don’t feel this, these wisdoms won’t help you.
So how do you actually get access – without permanently falling prey to the temptation to want to have it differently?
By first of all seeing your body as it is and realizing it: You both have a lifelong, very intimate relationship with each other.
For a harmonious partnership you first need respect, the need to understand, acknowledge and accept each other.
We have learned to wrap up our peculiarities, to cover them up, to conceal them, to be ashamed of them, or to have them apologetically made away with or adjusted right away. We strive for something we are not at the moment and lovelessly deny what nature has given us. The shame is for what we have made of this gift so far. That is why many cover their so-called “temple” full of torment even from themselves, wherever they have the opportunity to do so. Others again direct all their energy and attention into “being normal” in order to have to be ashamed as little as possible or to make themselves more unassailable in this respect. From my point of view, these are all very bad prerequisites for a loving partnership.
Just think what happens to a plant that is never allowed to see the light. It withers and becomes white and pale and no longer appears stable.
Expose your body to the light.

Let’s get practical right away:
First of all, nature – like your body – is about demand and what motivates the creation of supply. So if you develop the need to be able to do one thing or another, then it takes training, demand. Your body and the laws of nature in it, want nothing more than to give you the best condition for what you need. Isn’t that wonderful? So how do you get around all the obvious misunderstandings between you?
Make a sober diagnosis of your current attitude towards him. What are you actually communicating to him?
Find a place where you can be undisturbed and unseen for 15 minutes. Prepare this space as you need it to feel comfortable and protected.  Shower yourself with wonderfully scented cosmetics and then oil your damp body with care. Take your time and attentively make friendly contact with all parts of your body. Touch, touch the respective parts and look at them – as far as possible. Then go to the cozy place you have chosen for yourself and do yoga* naked. Make sure that light can flood your body. Do a simple sun salutation (or exercises that are appropriate for you and your current constitution). Observe yourself. What are you communicating to him? There is nothing at all that you and your partner’s body should be embarrassed about in front of each other. Recognize what is and don’t make a virtue out of necessity or an elephant out of a molehill. Find out what demand you want to make in order to work together to develop an offer. What would be good for you? Make an effort to be responsible for the relationship in the future. Give both of you a gift by being a very good, honest partner yourself – with all the shortcomings you are willing to work on so that you both have it good in the future.

After the diagnostics you create a practice plan, how you send the inquiries as often as possible, in order to create the offer for your common future in loving teamwork. Listen to what he needs from you for this. Light and nakedness corresponds to your nature – if this is not socially acceptable, then at least regularly alone.
If you are already very advanced in this area and are a “nudist professional”, you can start to train signs with your body, with which he can communicate with you. Of course, this is also possible as a nudist beginner. The important thing is that you learn the vocabulary inside and out! You can agree that if something is absolutely not good for him, e.g. your left ear itches. If your body clearly wants to say NO to something, then it should give you e.g. a stick in your lower abdomen to feel, which makes you timely and unmistakably aware of his concern. On the other hand, if he is absolutely enthusiastic, your third eye will tingle… Pick something. Define vocabulary for you. And practice. Listen. And I say it again: learn the vocabulary! First the information will be very small. Be attentive and listen for it. It is so exciting when it works the first time that you don’t “talk” past each other. When he takes courage, you will communicate more and more naturally and experience a beautiful partnership. This is you. That makes you free. This redeems you – trust in it.
Practicing this exercise for the first time surely meant leaving the comfort zone for 95% of the readers. You are not alone.

*If you don’t know how to find a good yoga tutorial, I highly recommend Mady Morrison on YouTube.

More tools will follow here soon.